LPfunK Inc. is an organization dedicated to roadPorn and other short internet-based experimental film projects. Founded by actor/musician Lucas Papaelias in 2013, LPfunK Inc. produces roadPorn™ music videos & simulated road-trip movies by tracing the convergence of rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic vibrations with the visual component of high-definition scenic road footage.  The result is an engaging, educational, and sensory-stimulating kinetic viewing experience, which can induce a mesmerizing and hypnotic effect on the viewer.  As the speed of the footage will vary based on the soundtrack, roadPorn is akin to a simulated adventure in time-travel.  The roadPorn™ music videos & simulated road-trips are created using scenic road footage taken by musician, cinematographer, and road enthusiast Randy Roads, on his journeys in search of the lost highways, scenic byways, and “blue” cutoff roads of America and beyond.  In his time out in the field, Randy maintains the ethos of “Go where you want to go… stay where you need to stay.” He defines his mission with the following statement:

“Winding, flowing solid yellow lines on a paved bed of asphalt; streaming through fields, forests, mountains, deserts, and cities… the veins that carry the lifeblood of our modern society through our geographic landscape. the physical road itself is among the most successful compromises made between man & nature. it will follow the creek, run along the ridge, split the canyon, extend the cliff-side. it is a beacon of utilitarian beauty.  i seek to capture & document the traversing of this beauty for those who cannot, or who are physically unable to, experience it firsthand; and for those who, like me, need it and want to do so all the time… sped-up scenic byways, set to music, pulsating with light…”